We offer workshops, training, and customized coaching to help clients think outside of the box in health care and primary care. We challenge clients to think differently and be open to innovation and creativity, and coach leaders to be confident and convincing change agents. We also innovate ourselves and are constantly thinking of what could make health care better, where can we glean best practices, and can we test them in new environments?


We feel that sometimes, despite attempts at finding best practices and models, there simply isn’t one! Sometimes, you have to invent an idea and try to make it stick. Our invention team works tirelessly not only to create new solutions to health care challenges, but to make them meaningful, applicable, and ready for use.  Learn more about  how we develop products and services and help you in your process of invention.


Working in primary care and health care is hard. Getting into healthcare fields is hard. We feel strongly about supporting people who are interested in health care, working in health care, whether they are excited, challenged or frustrated about their work. Through speaking engagements, motivational talks and workshops, we hope to inspire you to do your best work!

Current Projects & Endeavours